Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


Happy Monday ladies–hard to believe it’s Monday already!  My weekend flew by, faster than norm it seems, but good times were had.

On Saturday, I hit the gym and then grabbed a protein shake a total splurge: a croissant sandwich from the shake bar.  I don’t get this one often, but have had it a few times and they are so good (the seedy croissant really makes it!).

I spent the afternoon cleaning the condo, doing laundry and around dinner time, my girl friend came over and I made us Mexican rice bowls.  I’m obsessed with this new dish, it’s brown rice, topped with ground turkey, navy and black beans, cilantro, hot sauce and a scoop of guacamole.  So.  Good.  


That evening, the three of us were off to a birthday party for our friend with tons of people.  You may remember the …

* pick this up last week at the Place d’Orleans location, if you’re local.

And finally, Sunday was spent sleeping (ahem #recovering), editing, doing laundry and finally catching Game of Thrones with some Greek take-out.

Also, in case you missed it, finally went up yesterday.   If you’ve noticed a lack of videos lately, it’s because my Macbook was becoming so slow and it’s been painful to edit them.  I’ve been wanting to purchase a new computer for over a year, and finally pulled the trigger last week!  I’m uber excited to get back to filming and editing more videos for you guys so stay tuned for more.

As always, thank you for reading & hope you had a great weekend! xo


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