Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Hi ladies & happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

On Friday night, I went to get my hair done for the first time in almost two years (!!!).  If you follow on Snap (I’m acoest1984), you saw the outcome and after living with it over the weekend, I’m not totally happy.  That said, she mentioned it would lighten more as I wash it, so I’m going to give it a few washes to see where we stand.

Essentially, I asked to bring up the blonde in my balayage, lighten around my face and in my bang, keep my natural base colour, and .  She did a great job blending, and the blonde came out quite beige, however, I am really bummed there isn’t a huge contrast between the brown and blonde.  It definitely looks natural, I was just hoping for brighter blonde.

All that to say, I’ll keep you posted on how it plays out after a few washes.  You can see an after pic in the photo below, which was taken Saturday afternoon.


On Saturday afternoon, I headed out to my nephew’s first birthday party!  It was a sweet, casual get together at my sister and her husband’s place, family, friends and some delicious food… and of course, a cake smash!

When we got back, I made some pancakes & did a bit of work.  Did I tell you I got a new computer?  I did!  It’s pretty exciting as it’s been something I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on for over a year, but you know… life.  Regardless, now editing videos and putting together blog posts is so much faster and it’s motivating me to create better and better content for you guys.  I’d love to know if there is anything you girls would like to see, whether on the blog or in video?


On Saturday night, we went out to dinner and sat on a patio and it was just glorious.  The weather was so beautiful and it was just nice to be out, eating, chatting and enjoying Summer.  I can’t believe we’re at the end of June!

F21 TANK (SIMILAR)  |    |

On Sunday morning, we hit the gym, which was followed by an awesome brunch, again on a patio.  Seriously, eating outside is one of my favourite things about Summer.  We have a great rooftop patio at our place, but it’s pretty rare I can convince Marco to BBQ and eat up there–on the other hand, he’s pretty much always down to go out somewhere and eat, so that’s a bonus.

We spent the afternoon driving around looking at homes, and then popped into the mall to do a little browsing.  Zara is having their semi-annual sale and I scored these floral pants I had been coveting–and thought they had sold out of–for over a month… at 40% off!  I didn’t take the top, but it was super cute and looking at this photo again is kind of making me regret it!

Sidenote: how cute are these sandals?!

And finally, Sunday night, we had planned to hit up RibFest in Ottawa but totally took our time and turns out, it closes at 7pm so instead we went out for ribs instead.  Then home to take in the season finale of Game of Thrones!  OMG–did you watch?!  I won’t say anything in case you didn’t, but I was expecting such goodness after the last episode killed it.



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