Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


On Friday night we headed out to Bluesfest, which is Ottawa’s biggest outdoor music festival.  It runs for two weeks and this weekend was the second and last weekend.  We went and saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it was a wet night!  

What you didn’t see?  My massive navy poncho, tucked away in my bag–unless you follow me on Snap (I’m acoest1984), then you definitely saw the poncho, and hence the rubber boots (seriously, a life saver!).

The crowd was massive.  It was said that they were expecting 80 000 people!

 | — ON SALE!

Saturday morning, checking out the .  There are so many good things, you guys, like (looks real), , and I’m drooling over .

I will be sharing all my picks for the sale in the coming days on the blog.  Also, since I’m in Canada, and we can’t access the sale early, I’ll be going in on Friday, when the sale opens to the public, to try on all my favourite things.  I will be sharing on Snapchat (I’m acoest1984) and in a post, so follow along if you’d like a little behind-the-scenes shopping action.


Later Saturday morning, we headed to the gym, and then out to brunch at Broadways.

We spent the entire afternoon shopping for a dresser / sideboard for our bedroom.  It sounds exciting, but it was more frustrating then exciting #realtalk

The one above was a beautiful washed out wood–it’s at the Home Sense in Barrhaven, for all my local ladies–which was really pretty but it wasn’t long enough and Marco wasn’t feeling the colour so we passed.  I think it’s really cool though.


On Sunday afternoon I headed out to Place d’Orleans.  I’m taking over their Instagram starting today for a couple weeks.  Was so excited to see this jacket is finally on sale for half price.  I put one of the girls in it for and just love it.  It also comes in gray and would be a great piece to tie around your waist as well.

And after a weekend of concerting, shopping, cleaning, laundry anymore, we grabbed ramen via UberEATS for dinner on Sunday.  If you  haven’t tried UberEATS yet, you can use this code to get $20 off your order (and I will too, so thanks!): eats-h48si

Hope you had a great weekend!  See you tomorrow!


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