Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

OUTFIT DETAILS   //  Weekend vibes.

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Ours flew by far too quickly, despite it being somewhat quiet.  I did a bit of shopping on Friday night and we took it easy on Saturday.  Sunday was a family day + checking out an open house and copious amounts of Stranger Things.  Eek!  Are you guys watching?  I don’t think I could go at it alone, it’s definitely creepy, but it’s so good!

I hit up Saje and Lululemon on Friday evening for some solo shopping time.  I am in love with Saje’s natural deodorant.  As someone that needs deodorant, natural deodorants would not be something that work for me… until this, which is my second bottle.  They have two other scents and I actually picked up the blue ‘Exotic’ scent and it was no bueno, so purple it is.

Second up is the Coconut Kiss coffee body scrub.  The girl at Saje totally talked me into this, but I’m just out of my facial exfoliator, always look for paraben free and let’s be honest, the scent on this is ah-maze-ing.  #sold  I have yet to try it, so I’ll report back.

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Post workout–I shared this top on the A.Co Facebook page because it’s so good!  I picked it up on Friday night, it’s brand new, and you know these are going to go quick.  I just ordered it in the grey too!

We grabbed some breakfast after working out, on a patio, of course.  Have to take advantage of this Summer weather while we can!

We have a small herb garden on the rooftop and I love taking advantage of it every now and again, especially basil for the perfect caprese salad.  #nom

On Sunday, we headed out to my parent’s place to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  We had a great lunch of fajitas–her pick–and played with the kids.  My little nephew is eyeing up that cake.


Sunday OOTD.

And finally, Vietnamese with Uber Eats for the win–haha, we are a little obsessed with Uber Eats.  I always order the bun with beef and chicken–bonus points for the over easy egg this place serves it with.

Also, two posts went up on the weekend, in case you missed them, a new series where I share some awesome and then also another round of .

Hope you have a great day and see you tomorrow! xo


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