Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

It’s Monday and can you believe we are coming up on September?!  Hard to believe the Summer is nearing a close.  And while I am excited for Fall and the fashion, I will take a few more warm nights, please.

I wanted to share a sneak of a dinner we had last Thursday, although not technically the weekend, I’m sharing anyway!  We hosted 15 of our friends for a Crab Boil on the rooftop and it was so so so fun!  I’m going to be sharing a full post on the evening with all the details in a few weeks, but how stunning is that sunset?!

PART TWO TOP — OLD (, )  |  | ()  |

On Friday evening I ran a couple errands and also did some shopping before heading home for dinner.  I ended up scooping up (although I can only seem to find the non-distressed version online) and am in love!  They are so comfy and since my last two denim purchases were not distressed, I had to jump on these.  I will style them in a few outfits soon so you can see them on.


I shared a little impromptu try-on haul on my Snapchat on Friday night with several Lululemon pieces I got in the mail.

SNAPCHAT: acoest1984

DIY KIMONO ()  |  |  AE SKIRT — ()

And then of course, outfit planning later that evening for a bridal shower I was travelling to out of town.  I don’t tend to outfit plan very well, I like to dress based on how I feel in the moment… but that’s not always realistic, especially for this girl who is not a morning person and needed to be out the house by 8am!


Travel outfit for four hours in the car.


…and the bride wore white.

“There’s a wasp!”

Quite possibly the most beautiful, well thought out, bridal shower I’ve ever been too.  Every little detail was thought of, the food was incredible (did you see my Snaps?) and any party you walk into and they hand you a glass of Prosecco is a-okay with me! 


This is what I ended up wearing to the shower, which perfectly matched the decor they chose for the party!  It was such a beautiful day.

Road trips are the hardest for staying on track with meals, and while I did pack a few healthy choices to keep me going (hard boiled eggs, a protein shake, and some not-so-healthy cornbread from the crab boil), it’s hard to plan for everything.

On our way home, it was mid-evening and I was getting so hungry.  We stopped at a Service Centre and it was Tim Hortons, Burger King or the convenience store.  I grabbed this protein tea that I had never heard of before.  I wouldn’t say it was delicious, per say, but that, along with some little snacks (nuts, cheese) helped tide me over until I got home.


 Sunday eats.

MILITARY VEST (, , )  |    |    |  | ()  |

I ended up heading out in the late afternoon on Sunday to make a few returns and pick up a few things, including some groceries.  I ended up coming home with these leggings which are so comfy and fabric is so slippery and awesome.

And finally, Vietnamese with the boyfriend on Sunday evening.

Hope you had a great weekend!  In was you missed it, a went up yesterday, including some crazy markdowns that just happened + my picks.

See you tomorrow!


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