My weekend began on Thursday, as we were heading out of town on Friday, but more on that in a second.

On Thursday evening, we met up with our friends for Thai food and catch ups.  Still fighting some jet lag having just returned from Italy the day before, we called it an early night around 9:30pm, but it was still great to see them.

On Friday morning, you guessed it…


Pancakes!  It was the first time having in over two weeks!  We packed up and hit the road to head to Toronto for my cousin’s wedding.


Marco packed us a lunch, because we hadn’t had enough Italian food up to this point, and whipped up some awesome focaccia salami sammies.  Normally it’s me scrambling to throw together snacks for the road so the fact that he did this for us was awesome.


It was a serious scramble to get to the wedding in time, we checked into our hotel at 1:50pm (in yoga pants & no make-up) and the wedding was at 3pm.  Scurry to get ready and be on our way to the church!  We made it though, and the entire evening was fabulous!  My cousin has a keen eye for planning events and all things girly and it totally showed.  We had an awesome evening!



I ordered this dress online while in Italy for the wedding, but sadly it didn’t arrive in time #stillwaiting.  So instead, I pulled this dress from my closet, I’ve had it for years, but it worked out being that it had sleeves and was roomier following all the pasta, pizza and wine from Italy!


We checked out the next morning and hit the road to head to Marco’s Mom’s place to spend the rest of the weekend there to celebrate her birthday.


We had Greek food for lunch, Chinese for dinner and the next morning went to an awesome bakery for breakfast (they serve a full bacon/eggs breakfast, so you’re not confined to only sweets if you don’t want).


()  |  DYNAMITE SCARF ()  |  |  |  | ()


We hit the road in the early afternoon to head home.  We have come back to Ottawa just in time to catch all the beautiful leaves changing for fall.  The colours were amazing on our drive home!

Hope you girls had a great weekend!  I have a full recap of Italy coming up, more outfits and a few more detailed posts about our trip.  Also, a went up yesterday, in case you missed it.  See you tomorrow!


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