I definitely think the more you travel, the easier it gets when it comes to packing, but there are still challenges and I still wouldn’t consider it a quick task.  While I’ve mastered , longer winded trips are a little trickier.

Having just come back from a week and a half in Italy, I wanted to share a few things I was grateful I had packed–aside from clothing–and what I wish I had brought in my suitcase.

(1)  (AT LEAST) TWO PAIRS OF SHOES  |  Being able to switch out your shoes is golden, not only for occasion, but if you’re walking a ton and get blisters, the second pair will likely not be rubbing the same areas.

(2)  NAIL POLISH  |  Painting my nails seems to be the last thing that happens before heading anywhere (I’m often doing them in the airport!), so having a bottle on hand for touch ups is gold.  I brought with me to Italy.


(3)  NAIL POLISH REMOVER  |  If you’re going for longer than a week, and it’s not a shellac mani, there is likely going to be some chipping.  I like to bring just in case I have time to swipe on a couple of fresh coats so my hands are still looking fresh in photos.

(4)  SOCKS  |  I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of socks; I rarely wear them but happened to pack four pairs for this trip and was thankful I did.  First, it ended up being cold, and it was way nicer for tromping around the room of various hotels and AirBnB’s we stayed at.  Secondly, again with the blisters, socks can be such a life saver.

(5)  |  Sometimes I’ll forgo my hair dryer (however, I have , that folds up & packs a punch, so I tend to bring it), but the curling iron is one hot tool I cannot live without.  If you’re someone that uses one on a regular basis, it’s worth the weight in your suitcase.

(6)  CANDLE IN A TIN  |  My girlfriend gifted me with a candle in a tin (in this scent) prior to our trip to Italy, which was so sweet.  She said she always brings a candle to mask any hotel room smells, and I love the added bonus of creating a nostalgic scent from your trip!

(7)  |  If you’re anything like me, going from shower to dressing immediately is not your cup of tea, and I hate standing around in a towel that is constantly slipping down.  This time, I packed one of my favourite, thin robes–which is something I wear everyday at home, so why had I never done this before?!  It was perfect for slipping into after a shower before bed, or in the morning to do my make-up.  It helped keep a relaxed vibe, in my mind, not having to rush to dress right away, and I like that.  Bonus: it doesn’t have to be a super sexy one, but he will still think it is.

(8)  |  When I get home, the first thing I want to do is slip into comfy, but somewhat supportive clothing, if you know what I mean.  I wore a sports bra on the plane, but totally forgot to pack a bralette, which would have made hotel life a lot more comfy and cozy.

(9)  TWO TUBES OF YOUR  |  I lost the one tube I brought on our second day and ended up having to wear chapstick or lipstick for the rest of the trip  #saynomore

So there are my top nine items I will be bringing from now on, whenever I travel on longer trips.  I’d love to hear if you think I missed anything, or what your must-haves are for travelling!


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