O U T F I T  D E T A I L S  :    |  RED SKIRT — OLD (, )  |  |

We are just a few days away from Christmas so I’m breaking out the red skirt!  You girls know I love anything neutral, but this skirt was a purchase I have never regretted for my closet–perfect for festive parties, even New Years Eve!

Do you guys dress up for your holiday dinner?  Ours is pretty casual, so you can wear anything you like–I’m usually in some combination of leggings (ahem–eatin’ pants) and a pretty top, but could totally show up wearing something dressier and my family wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

This has been so versatile for me over the years!  I was a little unsure about splurging on it, but ultimately rationalized that I would be using it constantly whenever toting the iPad around for years to come–and I do.  On top of that, it doubles as a clutch, which is just awesome so when travelling it’s even better as it’s like a two in one!

Lastly, it’s handmade and I love her Etsy shop.  There are a ton of different patterns and sizes to choose from, so maybe something to mark down on your last minute wish list?


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