Good morning & happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  It’s since I’ve done a Weekend Recap, which is the longest I’ve ever gone, because I’ve been so sick… and am still sick.  And when you’re sick, there isn’t much to write home about… or share on the blog!  I was improving last week, but by Friday afternoon, I lost my voice and have barely spoken all weekend.  Cue incredibly frustrated faced emoji.  #girlneedstotalk 

By the way, Happy December!  Holy smokes, the holidays are here / around the corner and I’m unprepared, but, there is still time.  How are your preparations going?

That said, I’m functioning and feeling way better than I was, so that’s a huge win, and my appetite hasn’t diminished, ha, so with that, onto the food-heavy weekend recap.


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I tried out last week and loved it.  I’m running an awesome for all my local, Ottawa ladies.  Head over to enter, winner will be picked on Thursday.

Aside from a quick trip to Tim Hortons, Saturday was spent inside, no make-up, sweatpants, working on of our trip to Italy and laundry. We finished season 6 of The Walking Dead with some chocolate avocado pudding.


Although I couldn’t speak, I met up with Lisa to shoot a few looks.  It was crisp, so I broke out the toque.  A couple of you asked on IG & Snap about the lip colour, and I forgot my lipstick so used lipliner; this one is Femme Fetale by Essence (the Shoppers brand), which is about $4.

CALIMAR FINGERLESS GLOVES (, )  | — 30% OFF! ()  |    |

That night, we took it easy, Marco put up the tree but we were both too tired to even think about decorating it.  We ordered Greek delivery & watched TWD season 7 opener; OMG what a devastating episode.  I cried all the tears.


And finally, Sunday night is usually when I paint my nails, while putting together this post.  I had some tea and went to bed early.

Hope you had a great weekend!!  See you tomorrow.


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