Happy Friday ladies!  We made it!  Last night I was at Nordstrom and saw again; I have it in the (tan) and (burgundy) colours, so splurging on a third colour seems a little lot frivolous.  

That said, if you’re looking for a statement jacket for Spring, please go get this one!  The fit on this jacket is amazing and it looks way more expensive than it actually is; I wear a size medium so I’d say it’s true to size.

Enough about jackets, it’s been a long week and I am really looking forward to a low key weekend.  We have been away the last two weekends ( & ) so while there are options, I might just opt out and stay in.  I really want to edit the Whistler vlog and I have a half-edited, Favourite Christmas Gifts video.  Insert monkey covering eyes emoji.  Terrible, I know.

Hope you girls have a great weekend and here are some fun links around the web to kick things off!

Just scooped up (it’s half price!).

Made this delicious (healthy) dinner on Monday.

Debating .

Made me LOL.

Advice to my younger self–via celebrities.

Totally loving this album (you may have noticed my Snapchats are often to several of these songs–especially #4, 8 & 12).

I can’t even with this cat right meow.

The world’s biggest beer pong festival, in Ottawa this April!

Gorgeous traffic lights.

What a great fitness quote.



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