Happy Friday ladies!  We made it!  Last night I was at Nordstrom and saw this gorgeous red suede jacket again; I have it in the Midnight Toker (tan) and Morning Glory (burgundy) colours, so splurging on a third colour seems a little lot frivolous.  

That said, if you’re looking for a statement jacket for Spring, please go get this one!  The fit on this jacket is amazing and it looks way more expensive than it actually is; I wear a size medium so I’d say it’s true to size.

Enough about jackets, it’s been a long week and I am really looking forward to a low key weekend.  We have been away the last two weekends (Tremblant & Whistler) so while there are options, I might just opt out and stay in.  I really want to edit the Whistler vlog and I have a half-edited, Favourite Christmas Gifts video.  Insert monkey covering eyes emoji.  Terrible, I know.

Hope you girls have a great weekend and here are some fun links around the web to kick things off!

Just scooped up this cozy funnel neck athletic sweatshirt (it’s half price!).

Made this delicious (healthy) dinner on Monday.

Debating this bikini top.

Made me LOL.

Advice to my younger self–via celebrities.

Totally loving this album (you may have noticed my Snapchats are often to several of these songs–especially #4, 8 & 12).

I can’t even with this cat right meow.

The world’s biggest beer pong festival, in Ottawa this April!

Gorgeous traffic lights.

What a great fitness quote.



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