Happy Monday!  I’m feeling more like, Monday, noooooo, she wasn’t readyyyy.  We got home from Whistler on Sunday morning at 3am and crashed hard.  It was a long travel day home, as we left the mountain around noon in a snowstorm to drive back to Vancouver to catch our flight, and while it’s good to be home, I’m always so sad for vacation to come to an end.

On Saturday morning, our last day there, we got up early, and went out to roam around the village and take in some of the scenery.  Since our trip was four days (and two of those days were 12+ hours of travelling), it was our last chance to snap some pics and see more of the winter wonderland.

There is a winding path through the trees that connects the upper village to the lower village in Whistler, and we took that and came across the stream above.  If you squint hard enough, you can see the gondola and the ski mountain in the background.  Just breathtaking!  It snowed like crazy on our last two days, so it was so gorgeous.  That said, our fingers were frozen trying to snap these shots!!  #realtalk


The drive back was breathtaking.  The best way to get from Vancouver to Whistler is the Highway 1/Sea to Skyway, which runs along the pacific ocean and the mountains are just insane.  It was my first time to the Canadian west coast, so it was like around every corner and over every hill, Marco and I were going, ‘Omg! Look at that! Omg! This is crazy!‘ — the pictures can’t even do it justice.

The mountains are so massive you feel so small–something I’ve never truly experienced.  If you’re a skier, or have a general idea of elevations, the big hill we like to ski near home is Tremblant, which is about 3500 feet; Whistler was almost 7000 feet–truly remarkable!  More on this when I do a full recap of our trip on Wednesday.

The second photo above was snapped as we drove through Vancouver to the airport–it was still snowing like crazy and it’s a huge city.  I wish we had more time to stop there for an evening and explore, shop and eat, but it was a quick ski trip this time.


My pancakes!  You girls know I love , and it was so awesome putting something healthy into my body after four days of eating out and truffle fries!

I swear, every restaurant specialized in truffle fries and Marco insisted on ordering them everywhere we went–and obviously, I couldn’t resist.  I’m such a sweet lover, but truffle, ah!  Give. It. To. Me.


()  |  F21 SWEATER ()  |  CAMO PANTS — OLD (, )  |  ALDO BOOTS — OLD (, )  | ()

On Sunday, we slept in and I got ready to meet up with to shoot a few looks for the blog.  I was so unprepared, hadn’t chosen any outfits, but the weather ended up being quite the snowstorm this morning, so we pushed our shoot back, which gave me some time to plan outfits, do the full hair and make-up shebang and get out the house.

Afterwards, I grabbed some donuts from Suzy Q (remember ?) to bring home for the boys who were coming over to watch the Super Bowl.  Every year we throw a big party, and this year it just ended up being Marco  + four friends, which was great for me as I got to hibernate in my office, unpack my suitcase, get some work done and just re-charge with some solo time.


A single souvenir from our trip: a wood carved moose for the Christmas tree next year!

Hope you girls had a great weekend!  I’ll be back tomorrow with my second outfit post for Valentine’s Day () and a full recap of our trip on Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by! xo


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