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Hey ladies, how was your weekend?  On Friday night, I hit the gym and then met up with Marco for sushi–again.  We have been all about Uber Eats and take-out for months, and the past three Friday’s we’ve gone out for sushi.  It’s been nice to switch things up, because I’m usually pooped by Friday nights!

After dinner, we zipped over to a guitar store–Marco’s heaven.  We headed home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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On Saturday morning, we hit the gym and then we hit the road to head to Toronto.  It’s just over a four hour drive and we left in the late morning.  We got to our hotel, ordered some food and relaxed for a bit before getting ready for the evening.

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On Saturday night, we celebrated my Uncle with an amazing fundraiser put on by my cousin.  She coordinated the entire event in about seven weeks and there were easily over 200 people there.  

My Uncle has cancer and it’s taking him.  We are devastated.  

This event was to celebrate him while he’s still here, share his amazing accomplishments (like 30+ years of Scouting, giving blood over 700 times, raising over $30k for Movember over the past eight years, and more).  It was a beautiful event–there was an amazing sit down dinner, an MC to host the event, a live band, tons of items for silent auction, and a huge showcase of all of his life accomplishments.  

There were several speakers, and it was so incredible to hear about all the things my Uncle has done and all the lives he’s touched.  He was there and you could tell how much it meant to him.  


On Sunday morning, we had breakfast with my parents and sister at the hotel, then hit the road to head home.  We stopped in to see Marco’s family on our way, and got home just before dinner time.  We relaxed for a bit, had a snack and headed out to the gym.

What you didn’t see: Chinese food for dinner and episodes of The Walking Dead & Billions.


Hope you had a great weekend & see you tomorrow.


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