O U T F I T  D E T A I L S  :  PARKA FROM ITALY (, )  |  SHEARLING VEST — OLD (, )  |  POM HAT — OLD ()  |  GARAGE STRIPED TOP ()  |  |  LEGGINGS  | ()  |   ()

Everybody is talking Spring vibes and I’m over here like… well, still freezing my butt off!  It’s still very much winter around these parts, which means no open toes anytime soon, so today a little realness in winter dressing.

Ottawa is known for very cold winters, so if you’re coming for a visit between December and March, you need to be prepared.  A warm winter jacket is an absolute must, but layering is key if you’re going to be out in the elements for longer than just running to and from the car.  I threw on a shearling vest underneath my jacket for added warmth–when the jacket is worn open, it adds an element of interest and cool layering vibes.  Done up, and it’s functional and warm.

Boots are a must, and if you’re battling the elements, as much as a I love a good ankle boot, the flat over the knee styles are great for added warmth and tromping around the snowy sidewalks while still looking put together.

Lastly, the accessories–a hat will do wonders to keep the heat locked in (especially if your jacket doesn’t have a hood), and the one thing you didn’t inside my bag are a good pair of mitts.  I usually go for , and have been known to layer two pairs for added warmth.

 I love this lightweight parka, and on more mild days, I’ll wear this instead of my Mackage () parka.  It’s the perfect in-between coat because it works for fall, spring and winter, isn’t super bulky and can be dressed up or down.


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