Hi ladies!  Today I’m sharing a huge photo overload of our four days in Cancun Mexico.  We were lucky to fly down for a quick trip for Marco’s work, and we stayed at the amazing Le Blanc Spa resort.

It was a bit of a whirlwind, with only two full days there and plenty of activities in between.  I’d love to share a few photos with you if you’d like to see…

 |  F21 OFF SHOULDER TOP — ()  |  SHORTS — OLD ()  |  |  H&M FRINGE BAG — OLD (, )

We arrived in the late morning, and it was hot and sunny.  We were pretty wiped as we’d left the house at 3:30am to catch our flight.  We grabbed some lunch and cocktails at the buffet, while waiting for our room to be ready and relaxed.  Once the room was ready, we relaxed for a bit, threw on our suits and headed down to the beach to check it out.



That evening, there was a welcome party and everyone was asked to wear white.  They did a fantastic buffet outside and live music in a massive private pool area.  Everyone looked gorgeous and it was such a fun evening of eating and socializing.


HAT — OLD ()  |  F21 COVER UP — (, )  | | — THE BEST!

On Sunday, we had signed up for a sailboat excursion with about 30 other people, where we were going to head out to sea and snorkel, before checking out the Isla des Mujeres for lunch.  We had a quick breakfast before catching out shuttle and off we went!

First stop was an old Mayan park with ruins and beautiful palm trees.  It was quite small, so wouldn’t  do it again, per say, since we’ve been to Chichen Itsa, and that was a much larger scale.

Next it was onto the sailboat!  Well, the sailboat turned out to be more of a run down motorboat, and they split our group into several small groups to go their separate ways.  It was really unexpected, and everyone was really confused.  It ended up becoming the joke of the weekend, and word spread fast about how weird of a day it turned out to be.  Nonetheless, we did have a nice lunch on the island and the waters were the most incredible turquoise I had ever seen before.

I don’t have many pictures from that day because (1) real talk, it’s hard to pull your phone out on a small boat, and (2) I ended up getting sea sick (!) which kind of put a damper on half the afternoon.

Don’t get it twisted, this was my second plate of food–notice the yogurt parfait in the top left, as well–the first plate just wasn’t as pretty… nor sparse.

When we got back, I was feeling way better so we made our way down to the beach to take in the last couple hours of the late afternoon.  We ordered tacos and watched the waves come in.


That evening, there was a fabulous gala dinner for everyone, which started on a large terrace, with this incredible live duo singing and playing guitar.  There were passed h’ors d’oeuvres and everyone was drinking a special cocktail they created for the evening.

We eventually all made our way into the huge dining room which was set up banquet / wedding style, and simply gorgeous.  We had a fantastic dinner, met more people we hadn’t met the night before and they did a really great awards ceremony.

Afterwards, we all went this chic bar on the resort where they had a live band and the cocktails were flowing!  The bar opened up to an upper terrace with a long pool that overlooked the beach—it was breezy and warm, and everyone mingled and drank the night away.


On Monday, we had planned to do a second excursion, but we both agreed one was enough for us, so we took advantage of our final full day to just relax by the pool.

We slept in, grabbed a light breakfast and hit up the resort gym for a workout (I shared a few snippets of that on my Instastories but in case you missed it–the clips disappear after 24 hours–I re-shared it on the A.Co FB page here).

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch on the upper terrace, where we had been the previous night, before setting up two beach chairs that overlooked the pool down below.

 |  |  |  |  

DRESS — ()  |  ()

That evening, we went to the Italian restaurant on the resort, just the two of us and had an amazing meal.  We ordered two main dishes because we couldn’t decide, it all sounded so good! Afterwards, we met up with a bunch of people in the lobby bar for drinks.


 |  F21 TOP — OLD ()

On Tuesday morning, we were up bright and early to take advantage of what little time we had left before we had to catch out flight.  We grabbed breakfast at the buffet and wandered around the gift shop, before retiring on the beach for an hour.

The ocean water was cold, and the weather was a little overcast but it was hot and awesome.  Our friends starting texting us, saying we were coming home to a snowstorm, so we were soaking up as much of the heat as we could!


 |  TOP — OLD ()  |  — THE BEST FOR TRAVEL, SO SOFT!  |    |  ALDO BAG — OLD ()

We left the resort just before noon, and I’m actually typing this from the plane.  It was such a great few days away and we were so fortunate to go.

If you’re looking for an adults-only spot, Le Blanc is the top rated resort in Cancun, and it didn’t disappoint.  It is on the smaller side, so if you prefer that, it would be a great choice.  The room service was amazing, the staff were awesome, we loved all the food everywhere we went and the beach and pool areas, while not huge, were gorgeous.

I’d say we were there during the busiest time of the year (March Break) and it never felt over crowded or busy, which we loved.

Hope you enjoyed this recap of our trip, and I’ll see you ladies tomorrow! Xo



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