Hey girls!  Today I’m sharing something a little different–my current make-up products I’m loving and using on a daily basis.  I’m not one to spend a ton of make-up, but I am definitely one to put on a full face on the daily, so wanted to share how I achieve my go-to look, on a budget.

I’ve shared a little on skincare and beauty in the past, and have been religiously using this SPF everyday on my face and neck for the last nine years.  The formula and liquidy, not thick, not greasy, and it absorbs quickly.  After that, it’s onto the make-up, so let’s jump in…

I touched on this foundation in , and have been loving it.  I have dry skin, so dewy and luminous foundations are my friend, and the former formula of this foundation was a little on the matte side.  That said, they recently came out with the Hydrate + Smooth line and it’s so much better for me!  If you’re oily, would be awesome.

I wear shade 130 Buff Beige for when I have a full on spray tan, and shade 115 – 120 for when I have less colour.

I always apply my foundation with a , but didn’t share it in the picture because it’s looking a little worse for wear!  I can typically make it last for a year (if you are gentle, and wash it every week) but now little pieces are starting to fall off, so it’s almost time for a new one.  I highly, highly recommend the real deal though, I’ve wasted my money on less expensive alternatives, and it’s been just that, a waste of money.



I discovered this brow pencil a couple years ago and am in love.  The best part is it’s under $5 and matches my dark brows perfectly.  The pencil is on the softer side, but still sharpens well.



After brows, I’ll sweep some loose powder over my eyelids and it’s onto liquid liner.  I wear liner daily, and love the simplicity of a cat eye.

I will say it takes time to master liquid liner, and I remember when I first starting learning asking a make-up artist friend what the secret was.  Well, there is no secret, like she said, it’s literally just practice.  So be patient and it will come over time.  Sometimes stabilizing your elbow (on the mirror, or countertop) is helpful.

I use a weird three-step system for my liner, starting with the , which has a long, firm marker tip.  I use this to draw the outline of the cat eye.  I find this product doesn’t last long, and also works well if you’re just learning because it doesn’t dispense a ton of product right away.

Next up, I take the , which has a long, flimsier, marker tip.  I use this to fill in the outline I’ve just created since this one is super black and the product comes out easily.

Lastly, the wing (and the source of frustration on many mornings!), I use the , which is like a tiny nail polish brush.  Since it’s such a fine tip, I like to swirl it inside the top rim of the tube to get the bristles in a point, and then draw the wing.  I’ll fill it in with this product as well, and sometimes go over the entire line to ensure it’s super black.  This product is very liquidy, and should be used with a light hand (but bonus, it’s under $6!).

You can see an older video of me using the three products in this tutorial.


 | (TINTED) |

I’ve been applying my concealer after my eye make-up lately, and have been a big fan of the tube concealer.  The applicator is a foam wand, and the formula is fairly thick.  When I first purchased this, three tubes ago, I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it and keep going back.  It covers up under eye circles like nobody’s business, but isn’t a tacky formula.

To set my under eye concealer, I like to use , and the Elf Blush Brush–probably a sin for all my make-up lovers!  However, I find the pointed tip is perfect for tapping on the powder in the delicate area.



Mascara is one thing I’ve tried a ton of.  I have been going back to the L’Oreal Voluminous Original for years now though, and truly love it.

I like to apply two kinds of mascara–first a lengthening one, and is great to get all the lashes and create some mega length.  Then I go in with to add the drama.

In most of my outfit photos, I’m wearing fake lashes, so I wouldn’t say any of these are giving me a falsies effect, but for everyday, it’s a great combination.


I also wanted to mention this Arbonne mascara, which I wasn’t crazy about at first.  It’s not a a crazy lengthening formula, and has a curved brush.

It sat in my make-up container for a while, but I have been using it more and more lately and really like it.  I find it especially great on weekends before heading to the gym and I want something on my lashes, but also love that it washes off easily.



Next up is bronzer and I. Love. This. One.   My best friend gifted me with the smaller version for Christmas last year, and I ran out just after Christmas this year.  I went to Sephora, gift card in hand, and used the entire thing on .  It was definitely a splurge, but I can truly say it is such a pretty colour, blends well, and looks great when I’m fair or tanned.  The cute packaging doesn’t hurt either.

The brush is a large fluffy brush a friend gifted me for my birthday years ago, I think it’s from Quo and I use it daily.


After bronzer, I like to dust a little blush on the apples of my cheeks, and this baby is a favourite for years now!  At one point, I couldn’t find it, and was trying various blushes and nothing compared.  The pink is a baby-Barbie shade that is so pretty on the skin, especially if you’re darker (although, I still wear it when I don’t have a tan).  A little dab will do ya, it’s very pigmented.



And lastly, this palette was gifted to me by a friend who sells Mary Kay, and I’m obsessed with that one eyeshadow in the top right corner.  It’s the perfect inner-eye, brow bone & cheek highlight.  I don’t use it daily, but always use it for evenings or filming videos.  I can’t find the exact palette, I think it was special edition, but looks amazing as well.

The brush is my favourite blending brush, which I always use when I’m wearing eyeshadow or doing a smokey eye.  It’s another gift from a friend that has turned into a daily go-to for me (and after looking it up, it’s under $18).

Hope you girls enjoyed this round up of my favourite beauty products.  Let me know if you’d like to see more of this sort of thing, and if you have any questions, tweet me or send me a message on Instagram.

Happy almost Friday!


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