Hi ladies!  Today I’m sharing my tips for packing for an all-inclusive vacation.  I’ve taken several trips down south, and I like to think it gets easier each time, but alas there is always some last minute packing going on over here.

I also wanted to note that I pulled almost all of these items from my closet, versus going out and buying a whole new vacation wardrobe.  While the the pull to go on a shopping spree was real, we are saving hardcore for a house, so, I had to get creative with mostly what I had.  This isn’t so much about the exact items in my luggage, but ideas on how to pack efficiently and stylishly.  Apologies I don’t have all the same items to link but I am linking to super similar items and pieces I have on my wishlist!

So all that to say, I’m hoping to help you become more strategic in how you prepare for a week away, and I’ve rounded up all the items you need to bring to your next resort vacation + I’ve created an  to remove the guesswork.  So with that, hopefully this takes some stress out of the packing, let’s jump in!


I always stock my carry on with electronics and snacks, but it’s a good idea to throw a bathing suit in, just in case.  Another quick and easy?  Bright lipsticks.  This saved me when we lost our luggage on our way to Italy and I had zero make-up  #rookiemistake.  Sunglasses and a bright lip?  So very vacation-ready.



I love hanging out by the pool or on the beach, but I also need something to keep me entertained, and clothing to go to and fro the BBQ line.  Regardless of the type of person you are, the above are some key basics to stock your suitcase with so you have that extra coverage when needed, but are easily pulled together as well.

 |  My wide-brim hat is with me at all times, if I’m out in the sun, it’s always close by.  If you’re only going to pack one hat, I’d go with the straw variety–it will match everything and is easy to throw on and go.

|  The tall gladiator sandals are a nice-to-have, but don’t rush out to purchase a pair if you don’t have any (unless you know you’ll wear them a ton this Summer–I definitely get a good amount of wear out of mine).  These aren’t the most practical of shoes for the pool, but they will certainly turn heads.  Plus, you feel a little more pulled together.  Last year, I had a guy run over to me to find out where mine were from because his girlfriend loved them!  I loved that, and it was such a sweet compliment.  For more casual, I finally snagged & they are awesome.

 |  I prefer a full coverage mini dress/top of sorts, but a sarong is a great option to cover the booty.  Since these don’t take a ton of space in your luggage, I would suggest packing three, just to give you some variety over the course of the week.  If you only own one, that is totally fine too.

 |  This little gem has been such a great addition to our home–we’ve used it for BBQ’s on the roof, day trips with friends, softball games and on the beach during vacation.  Often times, the music from the pool doesn’t make it’s way out to the beach, and this is an easy way to set the mood wherever you are.  I’m loving this beach-vibes playlist.

 |  I just scooped up , but truly have my eye on !  That said, a straw tote is great pick because, just like the hat, it will go with everything.  During our last trip, I used my Triangl neoprene bag-backpack, but it just didn’t compare to a straw tote.



Depending how much time you spend doing stuff or heading out on excursions, you’ll likely be in your swimsuit/cover up most days, however, I like to pack a few pieces that I can mix and match for the daytime.

 |  If you’re going for a week, four pairs is a great number to use during the day for exploring/eating, as a cover up for your swimsuit or even dressed up with heels at night if you’re going more casual.  I like to bring a black pair, two denim in different washes, and white.

|  Here I’m showing you two tanks/tees, and two dressier blouse styles.  All can be worn to the beach over your suit, during the day while wandering around or in the evening to dinner.

;|  I always pack a one or two kimonos/rompers–they are great for over a swimsuit and easy to throw on and go.  Depending on your romper, sometimes it can be tucked into shorts (like this) as another outfit look.

 |  I tend to bring two small purses with me–one cross body, and another small clutch (not shown) to use for dinner.

Lastly, if you are having trouble planning your outfits, try to stay within a colour scheme, this way it makes mixing and matching super simple, and you will get way more mileage out of each piece.


When it comes to swimsuits, I honestly say the more the merrier–they are small and don’t weigh much.  That said, if you’re trying to pack on the lighter side, I would suggest three to four suits, that can be mixed in matched.

For the above, I could pair with all three bottoms, and then I’ve included a black bikini option below which works with all, and tends to be my go-to.  As an aside, the middle is new and super budget friendly.  I wore it during and loved it.


Like I mentioned above, packing in one colour scheme takes the guess work out of packing, and dressing while on vacation.  If you can plan your outfits in advance, it makes it so much quicker to get up and enjoy the day, versus debating what to wear.

 |  One pieces are everywhere now and a huge trend, and equally awesome at concealing that food baby.  I love to ‘dress up’ my swimsuit or a pair of tall gladiators.  Throw on some mirrored shades and you’ve got a pulled together look that is essentially quite simple.

  |  If you have a crochet top in your wardrobe, pack it.  Whether you pair it over your bikini or throw a cami underneath for evening, you really cannot go wrong.  All colours are a go, I just happen to own a black one.



Lastly, night time is when you’ll be getting dressed to head to dinner and this is a great time to break out the flowy tops, pretty dresses and heels.  Per the image above, and if you enjoy eating at the restaurant each night, plan six outfits.  It may seem like a lot, but hear me out:

|  First things first, two pairs of sturdy heels in neutral colours to mix with all the items you bring.  I mention sturdy (ie. a wedge or block heel) because often the pathways from rooms to restaurant are paved stone or gravel, and you may have to trek it a little further than you normally would at home.

  |  Pick two dresses that can worn to dinner–these can be more casual but when paired with a heel, you’re dinner ready.

;  |  This is my favourite combo to wear for dinner.  Pack one or two skirts/dressy shorts and two tops that will interchange.

 |  And finally, one or two jumpsuits to finish off the outfits for dinner.

While it might seem overwhelming to choose six outfits, when you break it down into three categories, it is so much easier to plan, pack and dress.


Hope you girls enjoyed this packing post, and that’s it’s useful for any upcoming trips you have planned.  Don’t forget to grab the checklist below, if it’s something you would find useful.  See you tomorrow! xo


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