Happy Friday!  Today marks our last day in Cancun which I’m totally mixed emotions over; on one hand I don’t want to leave as not cooking, cleaning or have to get up early for work every morning has been glorious.  On the other hand, my anxiety has been hanging out for the past couple days so getting home to routine should curb that–ugh, kind of annoying.

A lot of you were asking about the sunglasses my Instastories (the ones above) and although I brought four different pairs on the trip, I ended up wearing the most.  Bonus, they are super inexpensive and have a fantastic, cool-toned lens on them.

How has your week been?  It’s been sunny and hot here, I might have even gotten the tiniest bit of colour despite not being someone who tans easily.  I’ll be sharing a full recap of our trip, like I mentioned, next week.  In the meantime, here are some fun links from around the web to kick off the weekend!

Newest fave gym song.

These are super cute.

We stayed at this resort in Cancun, and I’d definitely recommend it.

Edible margarita bubbles.  #BBQseason

Crushing on .

Wore this perfect on our trip.



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