Hi ladies, and hope you had a great Easter weekend and ate too much chocolate.

My weekend was a very, very sad one, and although it may have not seemed that way, I didn’t share on Instastories why I was travelling.  My Uncle passed away last week and our entire family traveled to the Toronto area to celebrate him and say goodbye.  I shared a little more about my Uncle back in February .  As you can imagine, we are devastated and words really cannot express how awful it is when you lose a loved one.

I won’t get into more details, but it was, of course, so good to see all of our family and lean on one another.  We had also planned a surprise party for my Poppa beforehand as he would be celebrating his 90th birthday on the weekend, so we moved the party from Ottawa to Toronto instead, and did it with our immediately family.  As you can imagine, the weekend was full of mixed emotions.

That said, I did snap some photos to bring you along with me, for the parts that fit things in this space, so let’s jump in.

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My Uncle loved salmon roses, they were his favourite and there were two stunning bouquets put together for him with them.  Since he was a Scouter, superb carpenter and lover of the outdoors, they created these phenomenal bouquets with roses and birch branches that were stunning.


We stayed at the Sandman Hotel in Oakville and it was a really gorgeous spot for a great budget-friendly price per night.  The lobby was super modern and I loved that they played house music in evenings.

The next morning, since my parents were in the room next door, my Dad brought me a coffee from the continental coffee bar!  I was still lounging in bed when he texted me, and since the coffee bar closed at 9am, I was so grateful to get my caffeine fix!

Also, why would they close the coffee bar at 9am?!  #toosoon

In case you missed it, I finished and posted .

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I hit up the hotel gym for a quick full body workout, which I shared on Instastories on the weekend, if you caught it.  The gym was pretty bare bones, several cardio machines and a rack of weights, but made it work.

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Then it was off to the surprise lunch for my Poppa, which was organized in the private room of a Canyon Creek restaurant, which worked out perfectly.  My parents brought a few decorations that we set up before he arrived, and we had a really nice lunch.  

Happy 90th Birthday Poppa!

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The next evening, we had another big family meal before everyone left the next day to head home.  

And when we got home, we went from sunny driving day, to foggy rain day.

Hope you all had a nice Easter & weekend.  xo


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