Hey girls, happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

On Friday night, our friend was having a party at his place so off we went, and what a party it was!  About 40 people in his two bedroom condo, a massive food spread, tunes bumpin’ and drinks were flowing.  We saw a bunch of friends we hadn’t seen in a white, some new faces too, danced, drank, chatted and had a great evening.  I wore this off shoulder top, which you can’t see in this pic, but it worked out perfectly.


Saturday morning views because … WE ARE MOVING!!! In case you missed the announcement on Snapchat & Instastories, here it is.

We are living in a sea of boxes and I’ll be sharing a full, in depth post tomorrow about what is going on and where we are going this week!  Eek!  Been dying to share this news with you girls so come back tomorrow to read all about it!


Saturday morning coffee run before coming back home and packing for hours and hours and hours.  It’s the worst part about moving (am I right?) but it’s crunch time.

Since Marco was golfing all morning and afternoon, I turned on my music, made some pancakes and got to it.  I put in a solid five hours, got almost the rest of the kitchen done, more of my closet and a ton of laundry washed.  Not a very fun day, per say, but productive.

Marco came home with St. Hubert for a late lunch and then we ordered Pho while watching the hockey game.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hockey watcher, but sometimes if you wanna eat with the man, it’s the only option! #realtalk


Sunday was Mother’s Day so we took my parents, grandparents and sister out to brunch at Ale, which was a first.  We had a really nice breakfast, and visit & this year was sure to snap a pic with my mom (since it didn’t happen last year).

Then it was back home to spend the rest of the afternoon packing.  I had Pho leftovers for dinner and we eventually called it a night.

Hope you had a nice weekend & come back tomorrow for a full post dedicated to the next chapter in our lives! xo


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