Good morning!  Happy Monday!  What a weekend!

We hosted our third annual crab boil on Saturday–more on that later–and there was a lot of running around, prep, clean up (!) and some shopping in between, so let’s jump in!

On Saturday, after a great workout, we headed to our fave place for breakfast.  Before and after that, tons of running around to prep for the big, annual dinner.



Our good friend brought her amazing corn bread for the crab boil and I was stoked there were a couple pieces left the next day to enjoy with my coffee.

After cleaning and relaxing for a bit, I got ready and decided to head out to the mall to poke around.




These overalls you guys!  And they actually fit my tall frame, which I was really excited about.  The hem isn’t super long and I would let it down for a raw edge and to add an extra inch.

These wouldn’t be long enough for heels for me, but sooo cute with some slides or different sneakers.


Okay, I’m obsessed with these boots!   The only reason these didn’t come home with me, was because the size 40 was a tad too snug.  I seriously walked around the store for a solid 10 minutes with these on trying to convince myself I could make them work (actually though, so tight my feet hurt within minutes).

I found these at Winners on Merivale for my local ladies, and have reached out to the brand to see if they come in a 41 and where I can purchase (because their website doesn’t seem to have a shop function).


Two amazing finds at Winners as well–this C/Meo Collective tiered tank (I’m wearing a size large and it was a comfortable fit) & these high waisted Rag & Bone jeans!

We had such a good weekend over here.  On Friday night, Marco had returned from a work trip so I grabbed some Thai take out on my way home and we just cuddled up with a movie and food.  We chatted about our week and just got caught up, it was low key and excellent.

Saturday was the crab boil and it was a busy day.  We knew what we had to do, so we headed off to the gym first and then were off to grab all the items/food we needed.  We did a Costco run, the grocery store, grabbed some quick breakfast on a patio and then the live crab from a local Asian supermarket.  By the time we got home, we had under two hours to prep, clean and get ourselves ready.  It was a mild mad dash, but it usually is 😉  The evening was so much fun and I will share a full round up of pictures and tips for hosting your own crab boil, tomorrow on the blog!

On Sunday we spent the morning cleaning up.  This is one party that always makes a huge mess in the kitchen because there are so many moving parts.  Afterwards, I relaxed and eventually decided to head out and poke around the mall.  It was good to get out and just wander.   I put it in my head that I was on the hunt for work skirts and dresses—and found nothing.  Isn’t that always the way?!  I have a several skirts in my closet, but a lot of them are too short to be work appropriate, and the ones I do wear all the time are many years old.  I need a few to add to the work rotation.  Of course I found many cute pairs of pants (ahem, these) and tops.  Anywho, the search continues.

Then we did some yard work on Sunday evening–never ending, I tell you–and eventually watched Lucky Number Slevin—such a twisted and dark movie (but very good); I had to throw on Schitt’s Creek before heading to bed to come down from it.

Hope you girls had a great weekend & see you tomorrow with all the details from the crab boil!





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