I’m sitting at the airport in the Bahamas typing this post and while we had such a wonderful honeymoon, I cannot get past these deep feelings of sadness when I think about the fact that our wedding is over.

It truly was the best. day. ever.

The best day of my life.  So happy, so much fun, and so perfect.  If we could do it again, I wouldn’t change anything (even the small hiccups)–it really was pure magic.  In a word: happiness.

The planning process was not my favourite thing (thank God for Christina, our amazing Wedding Planner), and the last three weeks were really hard and then I got sick on top of it.  To say I was looking forward to that aspect being over, was an understatement.  So when this crazy sadness set in, it really took me back.  It’s still taking me back–and I just want to stop feeling sad.  Now, don’t get me wrong, when I reminisce about our day, I am so happy, but then I start to get so sad that it’s over.  I just want to go back and re-live the day.

Another thing that I noticed has been how much of a connection I feel with our friends and my parents, following the wedding.  We have been reminiscing so much about our wedding while on our honeymoon and about who we hung out with during the night, what people said to us, things our friends did, etc.  It made our hearts so full and we found ourselves missing them immediately!  While we both love having our friends over, I am also an introvert by nature and enjoy being solo or with just Marco and I.  That said, on the plane ride down south, I turned to Marco and said, ‘Let’s plan our next get together with our friends–let’s host Friendsgiving in November!’  We pulled up FB, created the event and sent it out to everyone immediately–lol.  It’s crazy the love high and how much I want to be around each other and our friends and family right now.

As for advice, friends and a few of you have reached out to me offering the sweetest and kindest of words (thank you), so if you’re reading this and in the same boat (or might be in the future), here are some of the best suggestions:

  • Keep the love vibes going with your new husband/wife
  • Plan a dinner with friends/family
  • Think about where you would like to display your wedding photos in your home
  • Look at the photos friends & family took (this was a trigger for me, it starts out happy then feels sad)
  • Talk to your husband/wife, tell them how they can best support you (for me, it’s a good hug and reminders about things we are planning in the future)
  • Plan things to look forward to (your next vacation, or your one year anniversary)
  • Re-read cards from your guests to be reminded of your awesome support system
  • Set a goal you’d like to accomplish & work towards it
  • Focus on self care (a nightly ritual, your workout routine, get a massage, etc.

I think the biggest and most common suggestion is to plan something, or a few things, to look forward to.  When I talk to Marco about it, he reminds me of the things we have coming down the pipe, which I find bring me comfort and make me happy.  Having something get excited about is nice after coming down from such a high.

The wedding day was so amazing, and feeling the love and energy from 100 of our closest family and friends just brought so much joy to our hearts. All cheese aside, it’s true. I’m so beyond happy we did it and so beyond happy to start our next chapter together.

As always, thanks for reading & being here, this is just the beginning!



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