Blue blocker glasses have been gaining popularity and I just snagged a few pairs and after mentioning it on Instastories, a few of you were asking about them.

Essentially, all digital devices emit a blue UV light that can be harmful to your eyes, over long periods of time.  Since I’m on a computer all day long, then am on my phone in the evenings (like so many people), I was starting to think about if this would affect my eyes in the long run.  Not only can blue UV light cause eye strain and headaches, it could cause damaged retina cells and age-related macular degeneration.


I picked up two pairs of glasses from Firmoo and wanted to share them with you because they are so inexpensive and stylish.  This post is not sponsored in any way, I just love the frames they offer (and the price point even more!).

I was originally planning on just purchasing lenses with the blue UV blocker to have for screen time, but since I wear prescription lenses for distance,  I decided to go for a new pair of glasses that would pull double duty.

The two pairs I got are similar, I’m loving a gold frame (!), but slightly different.  Round/octagon frames are so on trend right now–but I wasn’t so sure if I’d truly be into it, but I actually love them!  If you’re wary, this is a great way to try out a pair without investing a ton (bonus: if you have benefits, they will be covered) and start by wearing them around the house.

I’ve been wearing my glasses now at work, while watching tv and using my phone at night.  Since blue UV light also promotes you to stay awake, they say wearing the blue blocker glasses will actually help you sleep better if you’re the type to use your phone right before bed.

Hope you girls have a great day!




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