I’m kicking off this year’s gift guide with a big one–the boyfriend/husband that has everything.  This couldn’t be truer over here, Marco is probably the hardest person to buy for and every year he’s always shopping for himself just weeks before his birthday and Christmas.  It drives me batty because he’ll mention something and then he’s purchased it!

gift guide for men, for the guy that has everything, Facebook portal, nutsac duffel bag, golden gooseVIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM  |  GOOGLE HOME ASSISTANT  |  WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH CLIP-ON SPEAKER  |  GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS  |  WAXED NUTSAC DUFFEL  |  FACEBOOK PORTAL  |  PASSPORT HOLDER

For this gift guide, I went straight to the source, my husband himself and asked him, ‘What are you eyeing?  What does someone who has everything want?  What would you truly love to get?’  He came up with this really small, but curated list that I think would please any guy  if you’re looking for a tangible gift.


VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEM  |  There are a few different systems to choose from, but I’ve listed the top of the line one simply because I feel it would be the biggest crowd pleaser.  I have to admit, I watched the video and while I’m not much of a gamer, I was totally intrigued by this and could see myself wanting to try it out!

GOOGLE HOME ASSISTANT  |  Marco has been talking about this for a while, and got really excited tonight when he got full reign to tell me all about it.  Essentially he said it would be great, especially for his work, to have a device optimize his time by doing his scheduling, making calls and more through voice commands–all while syncing with his Outlook (unlike Siri, who only syncs to your phone calendar).  Obviously there are other great features like getting the weather reported, playing music, and more.

WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH CLIP-ON SPEAKER  |  We have the medium sized JBL speaker that we use all. the. time.  Almost daily around the house, and sometimes we bring it on vacation too, but I love the idea that this clip on one is lightweight to travel with, can be clipped on a gym bag, suitcase or backpack and offers incredible sound.  Having the option to play your own music at the beach, softball diamond or just in the backyard with friends always helps set the mood for a great time.

GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS  |  Marco has a few pairs of these sneakers and is obsessed.  When I bought my first pair, he laughed at me, but now he’s totally hooked!  These are definitely a splurge, but the comfort is on another level and there are some pretty awesome sales right now.

WAXED NUTSAC DUFFEL  |  A few years back, I got Marco the Nutsac Satchel, and he actually suggested I put that in this guide as he’s used it a ton.  However, since he already has that, I really wanted to include something else that is also a little bigger, the duffel.  I love this for the guy who wants something stylish but doesn’t want anything too chic looking that he can’t throw around.  The quality of these bags is so amazing and they are made to be used and enjoyed.

FACEBOOK PORTAL  |  I hadn’t heard about this but Marco was raving about it when I asked the question above about gifts.  I did a little research and it looks pretty cool–it’s an interactive way to connect with people (kind of like through FaceTime), but with an iPad like device that is set up in your home.  The camera follows you and zooms in and out (hands free!) while you chat, etc.

PASSPORT HOLDER  |  And last but not least, a passport holder for the guy that travels or just wants to elevate his travel style.  Marco purchased this for himself a while back (right before our anniversary.  Of course 🙄) and mentioned that he’s really loved having it.  It’s a small luxury/indulgence that gets to be enjoyed with each trip.






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