Good morning! Hoping on to share a quick pregnancy update. Lots of changes since the last one, and I’m in the last few weeks of my second trimester.

Everyone said this trimester would be the best and the ‘honeymoon phase’ of pregnancy–haha. While I can’t say it’s especially been the case, I’m definitely not longer nauseous on the day-to-day and even have moments of feeling kind of normal (mostly in the mornings) which is just so nice.

Let’s jump in!

How big is the baby?

A big ol’ bunch of kale or 14 inches (as long as celery)

What’s the gender?

A boy!

You can see all the photos from our gender reveal party here. Video here.

How are you sleeping?

Okay–mostly up once in the night for the restroom and able to fall back asleep after.


Yes! Finally!

I started feeling movement around week 23. I had felt weird movement up in my ribs earlier, which was confusing, but turns out it was my intestines moving up (um, ew).

Now the movement is daily (and much lower), especially in the evenings once I get home and lie down. It’s a big positive light in what has been a difficult journey.

Clothing & Getting Dressed

Temperatures have started to drop here which I’m loving. A lot of my fall/winter wardrobe is a lot roomier and forgiving than my summer wardrobe, which makes getting dressed a little easier some days.

I’ve still been wearing my body con tank dresses and pairing a lightweight sweater over top that I tie up higher or with a duster cardigan.

Any stretch marks?

Not yet, still using this lotion.

What do you miss?

Just doing things like I normally would–stopping by the mall after work, going to dinner with friends. I’m seriously so uncomfortable by the time the work day is done, I rush home and lie in bed for the night just for relief. Lying down helps a lot, so it’s what I do.

We also went to a friend’s birthday party on the weekend, and I felt good and had spent a good chunk of the day resting in preparation for it, but I definitely had to pay for it the next day! lol. Spent Sunday in bed feeling nauseous so, it’s definitely a give-and-take kind of situation still.

Cravings & Aversions

Juice is still high on the list–I try to mix it with water so it’s not so sugary/concentrated but I could seriously drink a jug of it.

Poutine seems to solve all the world’s problems 😉


Sore ribs, like clockwork, everyday from about noon onwards.


A little more positive than before as I’m feeling mostly good. Our good friends’ just had their baby and knowing that will be us in three months is exciting (and nerve wracking!).

Workout Routine

Non existent.

I was trying to get 2kms in a day by walking on my lunch break, but now have been using my lunch breaks at work to lie down on the floor in the boardroom on a blanket to relieve my rib pain / help get me through the afternoon.

Belly Button in or out?

In but making moves.

Worst moment this week?

Being nauseous all day on Sunday and having to spend it in bed.

Thankful I can do that, but had kind of hoped I could be productive or enjoy the nice weather.

Favourite moment this week?

Feeling him kick everyday and Marco feeling it too!

Looking forward to…

Our babymoon! More to come!



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