Pregnant with #2… and Almost Due!

Hiii! Well, it has been a minute. Several months, to be honest, but surprise: I’m pregnant!

We found out we were expecting really early on, and were so excited and felt so blessed that it happened again for us. Fast forward to week six, and that terrible nausea I had the first time around, came back with a vengeance. This pregnancy has been similar in some respects, but also different. I’ve had some health stuff going on behind the scenes and it really made me retreat in a way I’ve never done before; especially with social media and being online. I was pretty sick for a while, so that definitely doesn’t inspire anyone to show up, but I was also evaluating what and how much I was willing to share. This time around, I have felt more protective of the pregnancy and also my mental health.

Marco has been urging me to share our news for months (he’s so excited!)… and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. We, of course, shared with our families and close friends but, I just wanted to stay in our little bubble for a while longer. I just wanted to not show up online, and instead focus on enjoying or getting through each day as it came. Have I missed this space, Instagram and you guys? YES. Have I wanted to start morning stories again and just chat with you all? YES. Have I also wanted to be silent and not answer to anyone but my own family? YES. It’s definitely pulled my heart in two very different directions… part of me feels like I’ve missed out on documenting this pregnancy with you all… and the other part of me just feels fine about it, because I’m looking after myself and doing what I need in these months, days and moments.

I’ve shared a few snippets here and there on Stories of random bits of life, but have been offline since August (which was, when symptoms starting hitting). Lots has happened, everything has been really positive and exciting, we are so lucky to be close to meeting the baby & I have lots to share in the coming months. Please do be patient with me as I get my feet wet again in this online space I’ve called home for over a decade (!!), I know you girls are always so gracious, supportive and encouraging. Know that I didn’t mean or want to leave you hanging, and that the messages you sent saying you missed my presence really put the biggest smile on my face and touched my heart (and encouraged me to get back here now)!

Writing this post feels foreign and familiar, all at the same time. A little exciting and a little nerve-wracking… isn’t that funny?

So! Back to the pregnancy! Here are a few answers to some FAQ’s I’m imagining popping up 😛


Just over a month; mid-April.


Yes! We found out in a really special way, which I will share soon (we filmed the whole thing!).


He is, and it’s shocking how much he seems to get it (?!?!), despite being only 2. He is constantly grabbing my belly, lifting my shirt and saying, ‘Baby!’. It’s very sweet and something I really didn’t expect, but it’s been this way for several months now, on a daily basis.


Cravings, not so much but I have been eating a lot of Cheerios with oat milk in the evening, haha. This pregnancy is so different than with Hendrix in the food realm as once I surpassed the first trimester, my eating got better. With Hendrix, I was so miserably sick, all I could stomach was salt (so . many . poutines . ! ) to make me feel better. This time around, I have been enjoying meals I would enjoy when not pregnant, daily smoothies, vegetables and sometimes even juicing. All things I was turned off by in my first pregnancy. That said, I’m definitely not eating as clean as I typically try to when not pregnant, but, give and take 😉

For aversions, ouf, I was so sick at the beginning, everything was making me averse/nothing seemed to appeal to me. Or I’d love something for a while and be able to eat it constantly (rotisserie chicken), and then it triggered me so bad I couldn’t even hear the name of the restaurant. I have also noticed my stomach seems to be more sensitive this time around. Last time, it was like I had a bottomless iron-clad stomach, and anything went. This time, if I eat crappy, my stomach is not happy and I definitely pay for it with nausea or just generally feeling yuck.

Not food related, but something else I’m averse to now: Cocomelon & the My Little Pony movie. We watched so much of those two shows with Hendrix during my peak period of nausea, now when I hear the music, it takes me right back. We can no longer play those in our house lol.


No. I didn’t have it last time and was crossing my fingers, and was thankful for the outcome this time.

Small difference from testing last time was that with my first pregnancy I had the orange flavoured drink (ick), and this time I got the lemon-lime, which I didn’t mind at all.


Hard. I can’t sugarcoat it you guys! It’s been challenging for sure lol.

Hendrix turned two in January and is a ball of energy (like any kid his age). Thank God for Marco and my family (and our friends) who have really stepped up to do more to take some of the load off of me (especially during my health trials & just general pregnancy fatigue). That said, there are some major blessings to be said about his age and him in general that made life easier: he’s a great eater, longer naps, he can move around on his own, he bc an communicate with ores better than ever, he’s starting to play independently, he enjoys TV now (which can be a huge saving grace for us as parents–survival!), he’s generally a happy kid and just his sweet and adorable excitement over this baby. It’s cliché but, we are so lucky even on the hardest days.



Margaritas, to be specific or having a glass of wine in the evenings. Packing the tequila in the hospital bag! (kidding… but….)



I wish I could say I am, but chasing after Hendrix all day long is all I have energy for.

I had started walking back in the fall a couple times a week but then I hurt my knee really bad in December and the healing has taken forever (literally was limping for months), so walks were no longer an option.


We do, but are keeping it under wraps until babe arrives (just in case we change our minds 😉 ).

What are you wearing?

A lot of comfortable, casual clothes! These joggers (use code LIFEWITHACO15 for 15% off), biker shorts (these are amazing; the reviews don’t lie!) with oversized tops, this inexpensive sports bra (so comfy! Bought it in black, white, grey & pink), these furry slides + bought a few pairs of these leggings (sized up to accommodate the bump).


H&M but I can’t find either piece online (linking similar options below!). I purchased the top in December at full price, but the bottoms were from the discount rack. I sized up in both for pregnancy.

That’s all for now 🙂 I’ll throw up a Q&A box on Instastories tomorrow for any additional questions and we can chat more. Also, I’ve got a few bump-friendly looks to share in the coming weeks but TBH, a lot of my time has been spent in joggers, no make-up, chasing after our toddler.

Thank you girls for all the support and being here, as always, I can’t wait to catch up with you all a little more! xo



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