Aren’t You GLAD?

Gladiator sandals have been going strong for about three years now, and this summer will be no different.  Chic enough for a business-casual office, perfect for brunch and a great way to stay stylish while running errands around town.  In a variety of styles and colours, you can find them now at all price points and you can’t go wrong.  Which pair would you wear?

Classified Anzio H-Ring $17.20

Bamboo Willow 64 $16.99  | sale |

Large Circle Stud $20.50

Studded Leatherette Ankle Band $21

Wild Diva Waltz 70b $16.99  | sale |

Bakers Libby $49.95

Wild Rose Egan 70a $20.20

Metallic Trim Gathered $16.40

Penny Crinkle Faceted Jewel T-Strap $15.99

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