The Last of the Birthday Celebrations

{ delicious berry punch }

This weekend I had my birthday party and it was such a great night.  I invited my favourite girls over for a night of eating, drinking and socializing.  I think everyone had a great time, I certainly did!  Thank  you so much to LC, KC, PK, JM, SS, SL, CG, NB for making my birthday so wonderful and memorable.  <3

{ the spread }


{ opening some gifts }

{ beautiful flowers from CG & NB }

{ my new Coach wallet from SS }

{ great belt & skirt from KC }

{ sweet wedges from SL }

{ great card from NB}

{ love these bangles from CG }

{ so fitting }

{ hatbox from LC – our birthday tradition lives on in a home made version this year }

{ very cool book from SL }

{ great art from PK }

{ beautiful homemade gift from CG }


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