DIY Circle Scarf

{ circle scarf }

I’ve wanted a circle scarf for a while now, but didn’t want to pay the price that went along with one from a store.  So, I headed to my closest fabric store, picked up 1.5m of yellow jersey fabric to see if I could make one myself.  I’m pretty excited with the end result because it turned out quite nice!  I’m no sewer by any means, but my mom has a sewing machine that I’ve hemmed pants the odd time, so I gave it a shot.  I learned how to create a french seam during this project too, and can’t wait to wear my new accessory!

{ yellow jersey fabric – the colour looks pale, but it’s quite a vibrant yellow }

{ sewing the second seam to create a french seam }

{ this shows the french seam –

unfortunately I didn’t have any yellow thread, so this will have to do }

Ways to Wear It:

{ around the neck }

{ length-wise around the neck }

{ length-wise wrapped around the neck }

{ doubled-up around the neck }

{ hooded & doubled-up around the neck }

{ shoulder shawl }

{ one-sleeved top }

{ criss-cross }

{ tied at the shoulder & belted as a dress }


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