Losing My Legs

Mexx top & bubble skirt, Joe jacket & necklace,

Wild Diva peep-toe booties, Suzy cuff

Well it’s official: I have lost my (winter) legs.  That’s right, the tights have come off and I’m so excited!  We are officially in spring (in my books) and I have put my tights away till the fall.  It’s been six long months of wearing tights almost every day and I’m more than ready to go bare-legged.  I have to smile when I read about other bloggers (who live in generally warm climates year ’round, ie. LA) who get excited to put on tights due to cooler evening temperatures.  It’s like a treat for them, which is nice, but here, it’s a neccessity.  I’d look ridiculous running around with bare legs in the dead of January (ie. when the temperature drops below -25C).  Regardless, spring has sprung and tights are done… well, for a few months at least.


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