DIY Handy Hints

Hi! I’m Elle Sees and I’m happy to be guest blogging for A.Co while she’s honeymooning! I’m an Atlanta blogger who loves all things fashion, beauty, food, and travel. Today, I’m sharing my DIY: Handy Hints.

I like handy hints – things that make your life easier and involve new uses for ordinary things. I’ve heard/read these over the years and they really work.  I’m sharing a few below, but there’s plenty more where these came from! You can also follow me on Twitter and my blog where I’m having a Back to School Week. Enjoy!

  • Coffee filters:  You can cover food in microwave, clean windows/mirrors, and stop drops for Popsicles with these.
  • Make a reusable gel pack for your cooler by filling a Ziploc bag with 3/4 dish detergent and sealing it shut. Pop in the freezer and use anytime. Great as an eye pack, too!
  • Use an aluminum ball in place of dryer sheet (2-3 inches thick).
  • Dry your nails in cold water to speed up time.
  • Vaseline can work wonders for dry skin. I’ve put it on my feet at night with socks.
  • Crush 2 aspirins and make a paste with a little water for zits. Leave in 15 min. and then wash off.
  • Speaking of zits, I use Visine on them.
  • Use a Post-it note to clean in between a keyboard.
  • Clear nail polish on bottom of a can in shower can prevent rust.
  • Use your flat iron to iron between buttons (this reminds me of LC on The Hills!).
  • Try a contact case for pills (not child-proof) when traveling.
  • Dryer sheets are a lifesaver when trying to get the nasty smoke smell from your hair.
  • Conditioner can be used in a pinch instead of shaving lotion.
  • Deodorant stain? Use pantyhose, Spanx or baby wipes to remove.
  • Grease stain? Rub chalk on it (It works sooo well, but who has chalk?) or use artificial sweetner on the spot. I’ve used this tip especially when dining out and traveling.

Hope you enjoyed the hints! What are your fave handy hints?


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