DIY Jewellery Stand

Hi everyone! I’m Emily from emily loves and I’m so excited to be writing for Amanda today! I love her blog and was super pumped to be able to write a blog post while she’s on wedding vacation. Congratulations to you two! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

For the last six months I have spent a lot of time looking at decorating magazines and blogs to get ideas for what I want my first place to look like. I haven’t come to a real conclusion but one thing I am fairly certain about is that I want my bedroom to be a white based modern-shabby-chic. (Is that even the real term for it? I don’t know) I’m not really into all the flowery-ness of most shabby chic rooms but I have found lots of white ones with only slight flower accents that I love. 

I decided my first bit of room decorating would be a jewellery stand, clearly the bling takes priority! My original inspiration came from tiered dessert stands, but I wanted one made of old china instead of just generic plates.

Since I couldn’t find one pre-made I searched until I found matching dishes that were in good shape and for a reasonable price to make my own, it took about 6 trips to 3 different thrift stores to find them, but eventually I found a set I liked. I also picked up mini port glasses to use as the risers between the plates.

I tried using crazy glue because I didn’t want to see glue lines but it didn’t set very well so I pulled out the trusty glue gun instead and after a mere 5 minutes of work I had my new jewelery stand!

How do you store your jewellery?


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