Five Things

 Ashley B jacket (last seen here), La Senza tank (last seen here), unknown suede skirt (thrifted), 

Qupid wedges, Suzy necklace, Bay ring & Michael Kors bracelet

This post could have totally been titled, ‘Thrifty Thursday’, as I was sort of planning on starting to do , but instead I’m going to give you a list of five things I don’t like.  Yes, don’t like, you know, fashion-wise, for me of course, not necessarily you.

1.  Spaghetti straps… while I’m not opposed to them on other people, I have come to realize that this style does not work for me.  Not only is it inconvienent that you have to wear a strapless bra, it will make anyone who’s not petite look large (and in charge).

2.  Cowl necks… I love cowl necks, I’m drawn to them, they look pretty, I enjoy them on others, but this has to stop.  I have enough cowl necks and I don’t wear them.  I just don’t.  There might be the odd one, but there are so many better necklines out there for me, I need to just step away from the cowl necks (even though they call me during stints at the mall).

3.  V-Necks… Too casual, can’t get past it.  Same goes for a crew neck.  Give me a scoop or a boat and I’m golden.

4.  Ribbed tanks… no, no and no.  For girls (like me) that carry (extra) weight around their mid-section, ribbed tanks are not your friend.  They add bulk and no one wants to do that on purpose.

5.  Socks and sandals… there, I said it.  I just can’t come to terms with this trend.  I always appreciate when other women courageously jump aboard a trend, or rock something out of the ordinary and really express their personal style, and even this I’m not opposed to… on others, but you will not see me adopting this trend… OTK socks and sandals, well, that’s another story.


Things that come to mind after writing this post:

– I wear this jacket a lot

– These shoes just arrived in the mail on Wednesday night 

(wore them immediately)

…don’t they remind you of the Ash Lotus wedges?

-Got another, ‘OMG you’re soooooo tall’ comment today… I should 

seriously start keeping track of how many comments like this I get

on a daily, or at least weekly basis… If I had a dollar…


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