Subtle Stripes

Forever 21 jacket (last seen here), H&M top, pants & belt, Aldo wedges (last seen here),

Suzy necklace, Bay ring & Dollarama pashmina

Okay, so, I don’t want to jinx anything, and I just might be doing so by writing this out, but, the weather has been so frickin’ nice lately.  I mean, sure, I was away for the weekend, but, since coming back, nothing but blue skies.  I zipped out on my lunch hour to snap these photos as, hello, when I leave it’s almost pitch black out, which is a huge downer.. and obviously not ideal for photo taking.  Ugh.  Regardless, I’m going to lap up the warmth while I still can and if that includes running around behind random buildings while a home-less man walks by just to get some outfit shots, then so be it.  Happy hump day!



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