Where’s Your Necklace?

 Costa Blanca coat, unknown fur stole, Gap dress (thrifted & last seen here), Smart Set turtleneck, 

unknown tights, Promise heels, Urban Og belt (last seen here)

I bought this dress in the early summer, from a thrift store, and was ecstatic to find it.  I remember when Gap was selling this dress, several years ago, and while back then I passed it up, I didn’t make that mistake twice (mind you, had I not passed it up then, I wouldn’t have scored it many months ago for $7!).  I absolutely love this dress and was itching to winterize it, but really wanted some navy tights to pair with it.  Enter my new navy tights (from Winners), purrrfect.

So less than funny story: when I went to shoot these photos my necklace was being temperamental, and by temperamental, I mean it kept falling off (it’s this necklace, which is long, but I double it up and hook it together with a similar sized silver hoop earring – genius, right?  Not so much…).  I knew I’d get some shots in my jacket first, so I put the necklace in my pocket for when I got down to the main attraction, I mean outfit.  Sure enough, I completely forgot the necklace in my pocket and didn’t realize until I was editing these photos.  Clearly that necklace was the one element that made this outfit, sheesh.

My mom always told me, ‘Blue and green shouldn’t be seen unless there’s 

something in between (or in the washing machine)’ – do you agree?


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