Black Out

Seduction jacket (last seen here), Joe Fresh cardigan, La Senza top, 

Zara jeans (thrifted), Aldo wedges (last seen here) & unknown bangle

Hubs and I decorated our Christmas tree last night, and while I can’t wait to show you all the tree and festive decor, it will have to wait because by the time we were done I was exhausted and in no state to take photos, edit said photos and post them.  Soon, very soon, so for now you get an outfit post.

So being unable to rely on hubs to take my outfit photos is getting a little bit frustrating.  My sister is good, but she’s hit or miss and bailed on me the last two days in a row.  Last night, hubs wasn’t in the most festive of moods for taking photos, and ultimately, not owning a tripod is becoming an issue.  Why an issue now and now month ago?  Well my lovely readers, I’ll tell you why.  Why, because the weather is turning cold, hell-o, it’s December (can’t believe it!) and while I can always find something to prop the camera on outside, indoors is much different.  A good chunk of our place is carpet, and I refuse to walk on it with my shoes (clean freak coming through) and there are only so many places that warrant an ‘acceptable’ background.  However, like my sister said, she doesn’t want to get me a tripod if I’m just going to purchase a SLR in the very soon future (fingers crossed) and then need a new tripod to fit the new camera.  Le sigh.  What’s the solution?  Complaining a bit more might help… 


BTW, we’ve had about two inches of rainfall (or at least that’s what’s expected by this morning) and it’s melted all the snow!  YES!  Love it.  While I obviously love snow at Christmas, it can hold off till a few days before … but, in all honesty, that’s not going to happen (it’s suppose to snow tonight – ugh).  Which reminds me, the last time I wore this jacket, it was so warm, and the photos turned out so good too.  Damn gloomy winter weather.


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