Bad Ass Jacket

La Classe Couture jacket, H&M dress, Chinese Laundry belt, 

Liliana studded pumps (last seen here) Old Navy tights & Suzy necklace

Honestly, how many (faux) leather jackets can I buy in one season?!  This would be the third, or fourth, considering I bought two at the same time.  I know.  The worst part?  It’s now too cold here to actually wear them outside, however, I was super anxious to put this bad boy to good use so I made it work for indoors – and I’m quite pleased (so pleased that I belted it over another outfit within a week).

So Christmas is a mere three days away (omg, typing that just make me freak out a little more) and I’m so unprepared.  My shopping is almost done (is it ever really done?  Like, don’t you always feel you need, ‘just one more thing’?  …story of my life) but I haven’t started wrapping.  That was supposed to be last night and I ended up making some jewelery for a few friends as Christmas gifts (still productive) plus I had a couple orders from customers as well.  Tonight I will wrap, I must, I must, I must increase … the amount of wrapping I do…?  Right.  How about just start.  Sheesh.  I’m on a time crunch tonight too, as my girl friend and I are doing our gift exchange tonight around 9pm and I just found out that her boyfriend got her one of the same things I got her (out of three items I have for her).  Awesome.  So, I will be on a mad hunt to exchange it for something else (yes, all tonight before the exchange, before doing all my wrapping and all that jazz).  I’ll be sure to post about our exchange and show you my goodies!  Yipee, Christmas is fun!


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