Urban Behaviour sweater, H&M tank, Stitches skirt, Sirens leggings, 
AMI boots (last seen here), A.Co Designs necklace & Suzy ring

While visiting my BFF in Toronto I was telling her about my newest colour combo obsession, navy and black.  She said that she was always told, as a kid, that if you wore the two together, you’d look like a bruise.  I never heard that before, although I did hear other ‘fashion rules’ (ex. blue and green should never be seen…., etc.).  And then she put on a green top with a navy blazer (and looked awesome).

So this sweater is just like this one, but navy, which I cut in half to make into a cardigan.  I was so impressed with myself (wow, I used scissors) and excited to wear this one.  I mean, I know it wasn’t hard to do, but I took a sweater I hadn’t worn in a couple years, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit now – how’s that for shopping your closet!?

So lastly, how was everyone’s weekend?  I know I didn’t post, I was pretty sick all weekend long, just feeling crappy and laying low (which you might think would inspire a post, but I was just trying to stay away from the computer for once… which isn’t easy since I’m obsessed!).  I did, however, get a bunch of cleaning done around the house and a ton of laundry – it’s like I have all the ‘good’ and ‘favourite’ items ready again! Yipee!  I need to pick my Christmas outfit this week.  I stay at my parent’s house on Christmas eve so I have to plan and pack something for that day.  The last two years it was a dress of some sort, with leggings… this year?  I don’t know, I can’t predict the future, but I could see it involving leggings. 



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