Lookey Lookey

 Lapis jacket (last seen here), top, Joe Fresh tank CoolWear leggings, Aldo boots
Le Chateau pashmina & H&M bangle

Look!  My new boots!  I finally wore them.  Yes, you read correctly, I haven’t worn them despite receiving them for Christmas because I was a little wary about the height of the heel on these.  I’d begged husband to get them for me for Christmas but had only coveted them from afar (aka online).  When I opened the box, I was ecstatic… until I saw the height of the heel.  Definitely five inches, maybe a tad more… Being 5’11 I try to draw the line at 4.75 inches.  No, it doesn’t make a huge difference for most, but I’m tall enough as it is and I can certainly feel insecure when I’m towering over everyone and have people commenting left, right, and centre about how tall I am.  That said, I love heels and won’t give them up, I’ve learned to love my height (I can’t change it so I embrace it) but I have to draw the line somewhere and that line is at 4.75 inches. 

However, I love and loved these boots so much I couldn’t return them.  I decided the perfect opportunity would be to wear them out while with my tallest friend and it worked out well because she wore heels as well and we were the same height.  Love it.  Not only that, they were pretty comfy despite the narrow sole pad and I shopped till I dropped in them (with back-up flats in my bag, of course, which I didn’t end up needing – score).

 photo cred PK

Update:  my outfit ended up being feature on MTV!  Check it out HERE.


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