New Denim

 Laguna Beach Jean Co.  |  Foxy Jeans

My girlfriend and I went shopping on Saturday night and had one hell of a successful evening.  Among several other things (which I will share soon), I found some new jeans.  Jeans are something that when you find ’em and they’re fantastic, (personally) you should get them (if you can afford it).  It’s not everyday that you find awesome jeans and when you’re looking for awesome jeans best believe you won’t find them (so frustrating).

Onto the jeans!  First off, I found both pairs at Winners (Canada’s TJ Maxx, for all you US readers).  So I first found the Foxy jeans and while I don’t mind this brand, I’ve never owned a pair nor found ones that I loved.  I tried them on and they were super long.  They are a straight-leg skinny and so long that on my toes they go past my heels (so rare for a tall chick like moi – 5’11).  They came with chain and elastic suspenders, which might seem cool, but I will be removing them as they’re just not for me (with jeans, at least).  I bought a size 9, 35″ length and they were $25 (amazing!).

The second pair I found in the clearance section and they are almost a fancy denim as they have some sheen to them.  The brand is Laguna Beach Jean Co., which I’ve never heard of before (upon further research, they are the ‘Crystal Cove’ style and you can buy them here for $159).  They are hand stitched with great stitching details around the waistband, pockets and down the legs.  They are a straight-leg skinny and even longer than the Foxy jeans, by a tad.  I bought a size 29 and they are super snug at the waist but it was the last pair and I was in love.  I paid $46 (regularly priced at $60).


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