It’s been snowing like crazy here.  All day, all night yesterday.  Kind of reminds me of this day last year.  I got home from work and there at least a foot of snow to shovel. Fortunately, hubs had already started and was a good portion of the way through, but still (and yes, the second picture is of our front lawn, pile about five feet high).  

I’m just glad to be home, safe and sound as the driving was terrible today.  Not only that, but even people who drive in snow seven months of the year can be retarded.  This woman this morning decided to cross over four lanes of traffic at the last minute and totally cut me off, I came super close to sliding into her despite going around 40km/h – what an idiot.  With snow, comes idiots… but then again, they say that also when it rains.

Photos taken with iPhone, modified with Instagram


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