Hotel Stay: iPhone Snaps

We are out of town this weekend for my Uncle’s 60th birthday.  We are back at the hotel now and I had to snap some shots of this place.  We always stay here and were expecting the usual low-budget digs (aka floral everything) – turns out, they’ve totally revamped the place and it looks awesome.  Super modern and chic, and the rooms are no different.

On our way here, we were ahead of schedule (which was great considering we left at 6:45am) so we were able to stop at (my fave) H&M.  I picked up several things (I’ll show you those later) but it was a mad dash.  I had 45 minutes to shop the massive store, try on (30 items) and pay – it was very rushed, but I’m so grateful I got to go.  We then checked into our hotel and headed to the party.  Great people, spread and afternoon.  After the party today, we went out to eat with the whole fam to Tuckers Marketplace.  I ate so much, my jeans are very snug, however, so worth it – what a great meal. Tomorrow we head back home and I’m excited to get home, but we’ve got a long drive ahead of us.



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