Things I’ve Never Done Before

I was totally inspired by Kinsey‘s post I decided to do my own. 

I’ve never…

…eaten oysters

…re-soled a pair of shoes

…been to Europe

…owned a designer handbag

…had thick hair

…not been into clothes

…done a tequila shot (oh wait, yes I have)

…paid more than $50 for a bikini

…had a tattoo

…been into white wine but am a fan of red

PS – Just wanted to address how I used the word ‘retard’ in this post.  

I know some of you didn’t like that very much, and I do feel bad that it was something that made you speak up.  

I certainly didn’t mean it in a demeaning way, but alas it seems to have come across that way.  

I’ll be more considerate next time 🙂


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