Frantic or Chic?

 Urban Behaviour cardigan, H&M dress (worn as a top & last seen here), 

Zara pants, Guess shoes (last seen here) Suzy necklace & Stitches ring

 I have this thing I do when getting dressed in the mornings.  First, if I can’t find anything to wear, I rip apart my three closets throwing clothes all over the floor or any piece of furniture that has a flat surface.  I then consider I should just wear all black, but before admitting defeat, I pull more clothes out, try them on before discarding them to the floor (aka the black hole) and becoming more frantic.  Finally, when I’m about 20 minutes late for work, I go back to the idea of pulling strictly black pieces from the closets, quickly steam them and run out the door.  Then again, there are always the days when I just want to wear all black and make it to work early.  Wait.  Make it to work early?  Who am I kidding, that doesn’t happen.


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