American Apparel Purchases (via Groupon)

Have you used Groupon before?  There are many different companies teaming up and offering great deals at their restaurants, stores and spas (and more).  A few months ago I got my daily email notification letting me know what the day’s Groupon was and it was a $50 American Apparel gift card for $25!  I quickly forwarded the email to my sister (we both love AA) and snatched one up for myself.  Of course I sat on it for months and with just one week till it expires, I finally got my butt in gear and made some purchases.  I picked up the double-u dress in white (which I have in green) and the shiny ruched front tube bra in silver (I have to be honest though and say I was interested in this but they didn’t have any).  Both of which are with me in Florida as we speak.


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