Hey Dog

Old Navy button-down (last seen here), Forever 21 skirt (last seen here), Anne Michelle shoes, 

Mexx belt, Ardene tights & necklace

I’m writing this post from the guest bedroom on Sunday night.  Why Sunday night?  Because I always prepare the next day’s post on the eve before.  Why the guest bedroom?  Meh.  Our desktop computer is completely f’ed and while it has been for a while, it’s gotten worse hence my working from my laptop and well that can go just about anywhere.

Back to Sunday night: we went to husband’s parents’ house for dinner and as per usual, I stuffed myself.  It’s inevitable.  Every time we go there, I stuff myself.  Did I mention my MIL is a chef?  Not by trade, by choice, and everything she makes is so delicious I can’t help myself from going back for seconds (and thirds).  Tonight she made a maple-glazed salmon and chicken parm along with squash, carrots, cauliflower, baked sweet potato and dill-infused basmati rice.  I know, I was drooling too.  The best part: she packed me a lunch for Monday and I get to enjoy the tastiness all. over.again.

‘Hey dog, you’re in my shot’


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