Things You Should Know About Me

Inspired by her post, there are just some things you should know about me… I mean, we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other, right?

I only started enjoying alcohol in the past couple of years.  For the longest time I hated it… until I found a few favourites (caesars, gin & tonic, red wine, bud light and bellini’s).

I hate wearing socks and often won’t wear them when I’m wearing boots (is that gross?).

I love, love, love all things whole wheat, whole grain, 12-grain, you name it, I love it.

I can’t stand it when people clip their nails in public.

I bite my nails despite being a mild germaphobe.

I notice my physical flaws everyday and some days I have to talk to myself to shake it.

I drink at least four litres of milk a week (and if I don’t get my daily intake, I go through ‘milk withdrawl’ and can get headaches).

All my wisdom teeth have been removed and it was the second worst experience of my life.

A car accident was the first.

I have a thing for dark-haired men (blondies have never done it for me).

I hate the look of my toes when not painted.

I have one sister

Sometimes I eat peanut butter from the jar.

I hate gardening but my mom has seen to it that we have a beautiful one.

I have hair extensions (which make my hair longer and thicker).

I hate flossing. 

I pee with the door open… but will shut it for the other end.

I’m impatient and easily frustrated.

I’m tall (5’11) and while I embrace it (I wear heels all the time), I would give up inches in a heartbeat to not tower over everyone (preference: 5’8).

I don’t consider myself a ‘gym person’ although I’ve held a gym membership for three years and go consistently (or try to).

I steam my clothes every morning.

I take forever getting ready for bed, mainly because I’m analyzing my skin and plucking my eyebrows.



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