Last Minute Vacation


If you haven’t heard via my excited tweets, I’m leaving for Florida on Monday!  I’m so excited.  I wasn’t planning on taking a trip this winter, but have decided at the last minute to head down and visit my parents  Sadly, husband can’t join which makes me a little sad and a little apprehensive, especially about traveling alone.  Like, really, who takes a trip without their husband?!  The idea is a little crazy to me, to be honest, but at the same time, I’m desperate for some warm weather and obviously willing to take the opportunity sans him.  So, it’s with mixed emotions that I’m going, but I’m still pumped.

Two and three years ago, husband and I went to Florida and stayed with my parents (they rent a condo down there) and had an amazing time.  The photos are from the trip in 2009.  This year, they are staying in the same place and it’s literally on-the-beach (um, amazing).

What am I most looking forward to about this trip:

* swimming in the ocean

* wearing my new sandals (and summer clothes for that matter)

* rocking my new bikinis

* eating at Chili’s (I love this restaurant & we don’t have it in Canada)

* shopping at Target, Forever 21 & Bijoux Terner

* spending some QT with my parents


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