All Packed, Ready to Go


I’m off to Florida today and I couldn’t be more excited.  Well, I guess I could if hubs was coming with me, that’s sad and I’m pretty sure when we say goodbye I might be a complete mess.  Better break out the water proof mascara.  

I spent hours (yes, hours) planning and packing.  It’s kind of annoying, but, at least my outfits are styled and I didn’t just throw a million things into my suitcase and call it a vacation.  The last trip I took was to Toronto and it was for an extended weekend but I planned everything out and it worked out really well.  I was determined to do that again however, planning for a full week (with temperamental weather) is a bit trickier (hence why it took so long).  I put together 12 looks and added a few random pieces in just in case.  I think I’m finally ready and just need to throw my carry-on bag together, pack my toiletries and I’ll be on my way.  By this evening I’ll be stepping off the plane into complete weather bliss.  Goodbye snow, hello beach!

The suits

I wasn’t planning on packing six pairs of shoes but I think this works.  I styled all the outfits with shoes which was helfpul.  The three pairs of heels are all wedges, and personal faves.

Accessories – was planning on sticking to strictly silver and ended up with a lot more gold.

The things you didn’t see:  

* workout clothes 

(um, yeah, who am I again?  I’m actually planning on working out while on vacation? Weirdo, but, I think the absence of hubs will give me time to go running on the beach… we’ll see how ambitious this actually is.)

* black leather jacket, denim jacket & tan leather jacket 

(this was hard to narrow it down to just three and I need the black one in order to go on my Dad’s motorcycle should I choose to accompany him and my mom to Daytona Bike Week)

* sweatpants, leggings x2, sweat skirt, terry shorts & a denim skirt


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