Pink Flamenco

 Sirens shrug, Forever 21 top, Urban Behaviour skirt (last seen here), BCBG heels, 

thrifted belt, Charlotte Russe necklace & gifted Swarovski bangle

Yes, there is still snow, but it is melting.  And, as you can see, I braved it and took photos outside in short sleeves – aka, it was mild (otherwise, you’d be seeing photos indoors – this girl is a baby when it comes to the cold).

So guess what?  I broke my own rule and took off the tights before April 1st. What the hell, I’ve been in Florida, I have a tan (so what if I got a spray tan when I got home… shhhhh… but seriously, a white girl like me isn’t going to get super bronzed in one week alone, gimme a break.  Plus, I want to have nice looking skin in 20 years, not wrinkly and leathery, so, I practice safe sun and always wear sunscreen and don’t bake myself) so bare legs it is (not sure if I’ll go bare-legged until next fall, but…).  At work everyone was commenting on how, ‘nice and tanned’ I was (if they only knew) and you know what?  I lapped it up because I love having a tan without the risk (and the fact that it’s instant is pretty awesome too).

This week has been great and hectic, all at once.  I flew home from Florida on Monday.  Tuesday was my birthday (more to come on that) where husband surprised me with breakfast out, dual pedicures and then off to my in-laws for a special birthday dinner.  Wednesday I went back to work and it’s already Friday – the weekend is almost here (woohoo!).  This weekend, the birthday festivities continue with one of my very good friends CG.  Hope you’ve all had a great week too and enjoyable weekends to look forward to.

 OPI ‘Pink Flamenco’


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