A Scarf Story

 Stitches cardigan (last seen here), C’est Moi top (last seen here), American Apparel leggings

Aldo boots (last seen here), Club Monaco scarf, H&M bangle & Stitches ring

Wanna hear a story?  It’s about my scarf.  So, many years ago (at least five) I was shopping at Club Monaco and that location was closing (read: lots of sales).  I tried on several things but didn’t find much (I’m sure Amanda circa 2011 would have found much more than Amanda circa 2006) except a pair of navy wool crop skinny pants (which still have yet to be worn – unreal, I know).  As I was getting ready to check out, I decided to check out the accessories.  On a table were these scarves in grey and black.  100% cashmere.  What is cashmere?  (Yes, those were my thoughts back then).  I almost didn’t buy it but finally decided to drop the $9 and pick one up.  Yes.  Nine dollars.  Down from one hundred dollars.  I should have bought five.  But then again, what the hell do I need five cashmere scarves for (except to be the most amazing gift giver ever).



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